Certificação Cosmética: Garantia de Qualidade e Segurança

Cosmetics Certification: Quality and Safety Guarantee

Environmental awareness and concern for health are currently growing topics. The demand for natural and artisanal cosmetic products has seen a significant increase.

However, it is crucial to highlight that, even for apparently simple products, such as handmade soaps , legalization and certification are essential steps in the production and sales process.


The role of Infarmed

In Portugal, Infarmed is the entity responsible for regulating and supervising the cosmetics market. Infarmed's approval ensures that each product sold is not only safe for the consumer but also complies with national and European quality standards.

Certification is not restricted to analyzing the chemical composition of products; it also covers packaging, labeling, and good hygiene and manufacturing practices. This rigorous process serves to protect the consumer and ensure that products are free from harmful or contaminated substances.


Our commitment

At Let it Soap, we are dedicated not only to selling but also to raising awareness about the importance of certified products. All of our products have undergone a meticulous testing and certification process, not only complying with Infarmed requirements but also adhering to strict European standards (CPNP).

This commitment to quality and safety is the pillar of our brand and the basis of the trust we build with our customers.

Choosing certified products goes beyond ensuring safety, it is a step towards a more ethical, fair, transparent and responsible market. By choosing soaps and cosmetics that have gone through this rigorous certification process, you are contributing to a safer and more sustainable consumption environment.

We remind our customers that safety always comes first. Therefore, before making a purchase, check whether the product has the necessary certification. By choosing certified soaps and cosmetics , you are not only protecting your health but also supporting responsible and ethical production practices.

We encourage everyone to make conscious and informed choices, thus raising standards in the artisanal and natural cosmetics market. Join us towards a safer, healthier and more sustainable future.


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